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Don’t Pack Your Coat Yet

As I ride down the street taking my sons to school this morning, I’m watching people walk and stand in 35 degree weather with short sleeves on. On the one hand, I can’t blame them because it’s officially Spring! On the other hand, it is COLD and WINDY outside! PUT SOMETHING ON YOUR ARMS!

I then began to wonder if it was more of a tragedy to have to dress for a season that’s already past, or to dress for the season I’m in now and risk becoming ill?

I believe that we are better served to endure the frustration of dressing for a season that’s past than to risk becoming ill, because if I become ill I won’t be able to enjoy it when my circumstance catches up with my season.

I hear you saying, “Ok, PKJ help me out with this one.” I think I will.

We often times get frustrated when we enter into new seasons of life but have to operate like we are in the old season. But I want to encourage you to not get discouraged just because the season has changed and the circumstance hasn’t. Patiently wait, because the old condition doesn’t change the fact that you are in a new season.

Romans 8:25 (PKJV)- If we can’t see what we’ve been expecting, then we just have to be cool and wait for the expectation to show up, because it’s already a done deal!

So if you’ve received a raise or an income increase don’t start splurging yet…wait on it!

If you’re single, but have a new boo, don’t give up the cookies yet…wait on it!

If you finally have a job after 3 years, don’t stop buying bologna and go to steaks and shrimp just yet…wait on it!

If you just started a business and things are going well, don’t start paying yourself a salary and spending the profits just yet…wait on it!

If you’ve just begun serving as Pastor of a church, don’t start changing everything just yet…wait on it!

You’re in a new season, but the effects of the old haven’t quite gone away yet. Be patient! It’s better to wait for the change than to not be able to enjoy it when it shows up!

This is Helen Jones’ 2nd Son saying, “Life is to short to play games, so keep it real!” Two Fingers To The North ✌…I’m Out!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Pack Your Coat Yet”

    1. They that wait be be reinvigorated with strength. So strong they will feel as strong as a soaring eagle! Once God restores them they will be so revived that they will run without getting worn out. And even when they slow down it won’t be because they are tired.- Isaiah 40:31 (PKJV)

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