Table Manners

Hater this, hater that, blah blah blah blah blah. It is somewhat disheartening to live in a culture of enemy obsessed individuals, who give more attention to their haters than they give to the G-d who loves them. With all of the unnecessary attention, one would be prone to think that hate is stronger than love. This would, in turn, imply that hate is stronger than G-d because, after all, according to I John 4:8, “G-d is Love.”

If we look at the above referenced scripture in context we can possibly begin to understand why we live in a hater-crazed world. I John 4:7 indicates that when we are born of G-d, we love one another because we know G-d. Verse 8 goes on to teach that if we do not love, we do not know G-d. When we clearly understand the picture of the word know in these verses, we discover that it is a term that refers to intimacy, intercourse and relationship. Now let’s be clear… we are not implying that we should be some spiritual freaks going around talking about having sex with YHWH; walking around holding our belly, talking about, “G-d got me pregnant and I think I might have given him an STD.” NO! CUT IT OUT!

The scripture is implying that we should have an intense, heartfelt relationship with G-d to the extent that we can know what He is thinking and how He feels about something. Therefore, when we are exhausting an extensive amount of time and energy acknowledging haters, it is a clear indication that we have spent more time being intimate with our haters than we have spent being intimate with G-d.


Sounds like someone has made Jehovah their sidepiece. Yeah…that about sums it up. Up in the middle of the night scrolling through the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter timelines of those you claim are your haters, but in actuality you are molesting them on social media while they are sleep. Then you have the nerve enough to get angry with them because of something on THEIR page that you only saw because you used your buddy’s account to view, because you are not friends or followers with them. Acting like the NSA, seeing stuff that you are not technically authorized to see. You have victimized themby your voyeurism, but they’re the hater. Oh…I’m sorry. I guess I could have eased that one in on you, but I couldn’t help but say it like I saw it.


My purpose for writing this blog at 1:41 AM on September 26, 2014 is to explain what may be the root cause of our deplorable behavior. I submit to you that it’s because many of us don’t have any table manners. Let me explain what I mean. (In my long-winded theologian voice) Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

In Psalms 23:5a PKJV (PKJ Version), David says,

G-d you hooked me up with an amazing setup, and my enemies can’t do anything but watch me while I eat. this meal is bananas!

Notice that David is not addressing his enemies. He is, instead, addressing G-d. Why? He is addressing G-d because G-d is the host who invited Him to the table. If you continue to read the remainder of Psalm 23, not once does David mention His enemies again. Why? It would be rude to sit at the table as a guest and monopolize the conversation by discussing nothing but how badyour enemies treated you. It would also be extremely rude to get up from the table with a piece of chicken in your hand to go tell your enemies how good your chicken is and that they can’t have any of YOUR chicken.

Angry Eater

First of all, the table is not yours: it’s G-d’s table. You are just an invited guest. Therefore, your main priority at the table is to spend time allowing yourself to be entertained by the host. Secondly, you were invited to the table to hear what the hosts has to say, not regurgitate your bitterness at the table because of what your enemy did to you prior to getting to the table. Thirdly, ain’t none of the food (yes, I meant it like I said it) YOURS. The food belongs to the host. Remember you are a guest who can be uninvited just as quick as you were invited (Matthew 22:9-14).

Finally, I would like to be your spiritual maitre d’ and serve you up something that you may have never tasted before. Sometimes we are so bitter by the time that we get to the table that our discernment is tainted. I say that because G-d revealed to me that some of the people that we are perceiving as haters are really guest that have been invited to the table with us. The reason we can’t tell it is because we have been so busy focusing on our own pain and infliction that we are insensitive to the reality that others are coming behind us who are maimed and crippled (Luke 14:21-22), and to an even greater degree than we were.

You were so distracted by their exterior and emotional deformity, that you couldn’t even discern that they had been dropped (II Samuel 4:4). Yet, they have been invited to sit at the table just like you (II Samuel 9:7). Maybe they need assistance getting to the table, but you are so busy trying to prove your “haters” wrong that you missed the whole purpose of being invited to the table in the first place: not only to be fed, but to feed, as well (John 21:12-17).

So when you get that diploma or degree, when you get that new home, when you get that new whip, when you get that new crib, when you get that new job, when you get that new promotion, when you get that new boo/new bae, when you get that new hair, when you get that new contract, etcetera (I’ve always wanted to write that whole word) don’t get consumed with you or your haters who prolonged your process of getting to the table. Exhaust your time at the table, being entertained by the one who prepared it: YHWH.

It is only when we are consumed by the presence of our host, that we can truly have an appreciation for being able to sit at the table, because we quickly realize that we don’t deserve to be there. We then are inundated with an overwhelming urgency to bring others to the table, rather than prevent them from coming, because we understand that the enemy of my enemies is my friend. It’s time to work on our table manners! Let’s practice, shall we?

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