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What’s In Your Belly?

I stepped on the scale 2 weeks ago and realized that I had gained 25 pounds since November 2014. I was not really concerned about the weight, I was concerned about what produced the weight. I know you might say “eating”, but it was deeper than that. What was I feeding? When I began to ask God, He slapped me in the face with truth.

What I was carrying around was not just 25 pounds of excess body weight, but 25 pounds of internal baggage. Something happened around November/December that reminded me of a past failure; so I began eating to soothe my emotions. Therefore, in 3  months, I put on 25 POUNDS OF #SELF #CONDEMNATION! Once I dealt with the root, I could recover my will to make better choices. Before I discovered the truth, my appetite was literally UNCONTROLLABLE!

DISCLAIMER: This next story takes nothing away from fitness or working out (My Wife, Debra Michelle Jones is a personal trainer, and she would choke me out if I did.). If anything, it adds to the explanation as to why your personal trainer can’t help you move beyond where you are.

I was asked by a coworker yesterday to go down to a food truck to get their lunch because they couldn’t leave their desk. They also offered to pay for my lunch. I was excited by the prospect of eating some good ole fried chicken and shrimp. Halfway to the food truck, I remembered that I had brought a healthier lunch from home. So I purchased her lunch and returned her change. She and another bystanding coworker wondered why I didn’t get me anything. I replied, “I forgot that I brought lunch from home…I have to lose this weight…”

After I had finished eating, the bystanding coworker came into the breakroom and asked facetiously, “Did you enjoy that healthy lunch?”

“Yes!” I replied.

“Now you have to workout! I won’t help unless you workout!” She said.

Then she asked, “Are you working out?”

I paused for a half of a second, then replied with a smooth and cordial, “No.”

The next question she asked, was asked in such a way as to put a dagger in the cadaver of my hopes. She asked (imagine it being in slow motion with the chopped and screwed effect), “How much weight have you lost?”

I unhesitantly replied, “10 POUNDS!” (#ThugLife: cue Warren G for my theme music)

The whole breakroom then screeched with a deafening silence and she attitudinally walked out of the room back to her desk.

In that moment, I was reminded that the rejoicing was not in the loss of the 10 pounds of body weight; it was instead in the 10 POUNDS OF SELF-CONDEMNATION that I had lost.

QUESTION: What’s in your belly. Is it 10, 15, 20, 25 pounds of regret, condemnation, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, rejection, self-hatred? Whatever it is, there is hope. Just like me, you can lay it down at the feet of Jesus and walk away. (#ThugLife: cue the chorus of Yenrah- Everything I Got featuring Erica Cumbo)

Matthew 11:28-29; I Peter 5:7; Hebrews 12:1-2; Romans 8:1

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