Speaking Over My Sons (Poetically Prophetic)

My sons are believers before they are Black.

Yes I know that you look at them and feel that its’s obvious that they are

Young men of African descent born on the North American Continent


But let me dial you in for just a minute to share with you this content


Yes America is their birth spot and but I want you to think again

And recognize that Africa is not even the place of their orign

Before they were born they were created in Christ

And knitted together before the foundation of life

For before they were in the womb they were known

And called by God to be His own

Yeah, you think I am being a sell out, because I put a White Jesus before their melanin

But that’s the problem you think this Christ thing is all about skin

Before my sons were flesh they were 100% spirit

HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, I really need you to hear this

They are the offspring of God though concieved of a man

One with His Spirit before they were formed out of dirt, clay and sand

Hewn out of the Rock that had no visible form

Stronger than the strength of 10 billion arms


Cut straight out of that invisible Cedar Of Lebanon

Bearing the seed of Jehovah but descendants of John & John

John Lemon my Dad’s Dad, John Travers my Mom’s Pops


Ruby & Ida B’s Chromosomes…YES, but African American they are not

Neither Kaderick nor Debra are their true progenitors

They are descendants of Yahweh, not Aboriginal Moors

We give labels because everyone of us long for something to attach to

But before labels ever existed, there was just God and You

We put our WHAT before our WHO

We make our essence second to our hue

We listened to the screams of the crowd

And followed suit by saying, “I’m black and I’m proud”

But cursed is the man who puts his trust in his flesh

Just look around, these color gods have gotten us all into an ugly mess

Jamaica Marcus Garvey

Trust me when I say this, I am never embarrassed about being black

But the diaspora can never be reversed, and we can never go back

We had several opportunities to do that and start a culture fresh and clean

But our appetite became our god and we began bowing to the White & Green

Reparations ain’t never coming

Sympathizers will never rise

The atrocities my ancestors suffered will never be worthy of repairing in the majorities eyes

But again my hope ain’t in skin

It’s in the One from which all things began

So though justice fails and privilege hails, trust me my friends THIS IS NOT THE END!

Because if there be no resurrection we of all men are most miserable

But we shall rise from the ashes just like Joshua and Zerubbabel

Oh, don’t think that I forgot that I was speaking over my sons

But like a gifted Psalmist I had to make a couple of runs

To grab your attention and sync you into this melody

To declare my sons freedom and exclaim their true liberty

No toe tagging, no prison walls

They will walk by the Spirit, not live by their balls

MY Boys

They’ll remain strong and not hide, and even when they kneel they will stand

And they’ll know that saying “yes sir” does’t make them any less of a man

They have nothing to prove through masculine agression

They’ve already been proven, NOW let’s get back to the lesson

Spiritual seed, born of Christ

He’s the ruler of Lucifer and now they are the true bearers of the Light

And as they bear it they never have to worry about their light growing dim


For God is their first Father and their Mother is that Spiritual Jerusalem

So when you see them don’t address them as “My Nigga” or no ignut sh-tuff like that

Call them the name that seals the fact that they are believers before they’re black

The name that commands a million universes and rules galaxies, planets and stars

When you see them you won’t call them boy, you will call them Man Of God

Though human they were born

They were created without form

Released from the captivity of skin every since the veil was ripped and torn

broken chains

Oh yeah I hear you still ask

Why I say they are believers before they’re black

Listen I’m not foolish, I made it clear from the start

That I realize that man looks at the outside, even though God looks at the heart

I’m just trying to make it known that if you see my sons let your eyes go on vacation

I know you see how good looking they are, but don’t give that too much commendation


I say again, when you see my sons, let your eyes take a vacation

Once you you look through the lens of their Father from above it becomes clear that they are His habitation

Holy Nations born of the ethereal and crafted eternal from the wind

Rooted in Invisibility they are .5% external and 100% of that which is within

empty tombs

It’s that Paranormal Boom

That goes about robbing tombs

Who gazes into time and makes it bow

He makes what was today,

He makes what is tomorrow

And He has the power to bring the future into now

But I hear you, what does all of that have to do with my first statement that said my sons are believers before their black

Well let me break it down once more

Please know this is no metaphor

What I’m about to say is truth and indeed fact

They were created with no end

Yet born into sin

From the loins of a wretch such as I

But then they became born again, reconnected to where they did begin

And now I say that they shall live and not die


So whether you be cop or gangster

Supremacist or wankster

Prison guard or prankster

Demon or danger

My sons are off limits to your tactics

Your chains and your brackets

Your statistics and your habits

You’ll not chase them down like you’re Elmer and they’re the rabbits


You’ll respect them not because of their skin

Or the colors they’re reppin

But their life and their personhood you will regard

Because they are not African, not American, Not Negro nor Barbarian

But if you must call them any name you will call them MAN OF GOD

So I’m done now, that’s it, I’m just gone leave it at that

Like I said at the first

My Sons Are Believers Before They’re Black…FACT!!!


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