PKJ_ChillThe name PKJONDEMAND is an invitation to connect with a resource that offers empowerment to individuals and organizations based on a 25 year journey in leadership. The name was conceived from a series of life events throughout the leadership journey of Kaderick Jones. In 2002, when Kaderick began serving as the Pastor of Eighth Street Baptist Church in North Little Rock, AR, there was a deacon who served alongside him by the name of Emanuel Brooks. Deacon Brooks gave Pastor Jones the moniker “PKJ” which stood for Pastor Kaderick Jones. The name stuck immediately, and it continues to follow him.

Years later during the rise of social media, Kaderick began sharing his life lessons and experiences with the world through the 140 character craze that changed the world as we know it. It was during that time that Kaderick also began a Life Coaching program for young adults ages 18-32, as well as producing video content on YouTube, where he shared those same life lessons in multiple ways.

Through these course of events, PKJ realized that the principles that shaped his life brought value to the lives of others; in different ways and within different contexts. He therefore felt the passion rise within him to make these principles for living available to anyone who desired the life concepts he had to offer.

PKJ is a Navy Veteran, a Pastor, a CEO, a Corporate Learning & Development Leader, a former Board Member and Chair for two non-profit organizations, a former Executive Director of a non-profit, and most importantly (according to him) a Husband and a Father. If you were to combine the number years PKJ has served in each of these individual roles, it would equal a combined total of 70 years of leadership experience. The depth of his capacity as a leader allows PKJ to provide a unique customization of services to his clients and partners based on their specific needs. Which is why he labels his brand and services as PKJONDEMAND.

Mission: To improve the lives of people and make a maximum impact on the world.

Vision: Engaging People, Establishing Trust, Impoving Relationships and Empowering For Success

Purpose: To impact people and places with timeless principles that guarantee success.