Change Management Consultation 1 Week Retainer Fee plus $150 Per Hour

lead no follow
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Change is inevitable. And though change is awkward, it does not always have to be difficult. When organizations implement change, they are often so focused on the purpose of the change that sometimes the people factor gets lost. Additionally, many organizations don’t have available time or personnel to assist with leading people through change. If the change management process is not handled appropriately it could become very costly due to high attrition rates, loss of productivity and lack of employee and consumer engagement.

My Change Management Consultation program will work with key leaders within your organization to draft a plan for successfully managing processes and leading people through change. Whether it is aggressive succession planning, software implementation, company acquisition, site closure, location change or departmental reorganization, I have both observed and assisted in the facilitation of Change Management. I’ve learned what works well; I’ve learned what works not so well and I’ve learned what doesn’t work at all. I would like to assist your team in developing a plan that works very well.

I can allot 8 hours over a course of days or weeks to develop this plan, or I can contract with your organization to provide onsite consultation from the beginning of the project until the change has been completed.