Corporate Climate Change 6 Month Retainer Fee plus $150 Per Hour

world in waterDue to market insights, generational shifts, loss in market share or new executive vision, companies change their culture. The larger the company, the more challenging it is to shift the culture to one that is favorable to its new business goals.

Though rebranding is included in this process, this is altogether different. A company can rebrand and still do an awful job with engaging with its market segment. the reason for this could very well be that the company has failed to adequately engage its brand ambassadors. If a mid to large company is in the process of rebranding, it is highly likely that their marketing teams are so busy preparing to impact the consumer that it lacks the bandwidth to develop internal brand ambassadors.

If one company is being acquired by another, the acquisition becomes awkward even if it does not lead to job displacement. One or both operations are attempting to find its new identity, productivity suffers and corporate communication gets lost in translation.

The above are only a few examples of reasons why change in corporate culture can be challenging. If your company

  • is in need of a culture change
  • is planning a culture change
  • is stuck in the awkward stage of culture change after an acquisition
  • doesn’t have the capacity to assign an employee to the culture change process
  • needs assistance turning your employees into brand ambassadors

PKJONDEMAND is your resource for changing the climate within your corporate culture.  I exist to take your business goals an develop a plan for gaining commitment from your internal employees to embrace the new culture. Within the scope of my Corporate Climate Change program serve my clients in the following roles.

  • Analyst- I will engage your workforce to uncover any apprehensions that may exist and develop a strategy to ease those apprehensions
  • Culture Broker- I seek to gain commitment from employees to accept the new culture
  • Translator- I will be responsible for communicating the change to all levels
  • Bridge Builder- I will work to close the operational and communication gaps regarding the change
  • Vision Caster- I will help to demonstrate to the employee base the advantages and opportunities related to the culture shift

My goal is to make your company a stronger entity after the change in the corporate culture than it was before the culture shifted.