Leadership Coaching $250 Per Person- 2 Hour Session




With more than 25 years of leadership experience, I have amassed a wealth of wisdom that I believe can assist any leader in becoming effective in what they do. My experience in leadership is vast as I have served in the military, municipal government, non-profit organizations, ministry/pastoral, corporate, board governance, as a CEO and most importantly as a husband and Father. I have failed and succeeded in each of these areas, and through the application of practical universal principals, I can help you win as a leader by teaching you how to make your successes outnumber your failures.

Whether you are a newly employed or promoted corporate manager, you’re making a career transition, a small business owner trying to balance your profit goals with the reality of everyday life, new to a ministry staff, running for or serving in public office, or just trying to juggle your role as a leader within your industry with your life as a spouse or parent, I am available to serve you. You deserve to be the best you, and I am skilled in helping leaders to be both authentic and effective.