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Do I Belong In This Space?


Here lately, I have gradually pulled away from posting videos and digital content on the web and social media or even viewing content that is posted by others. My reason for doing so is because I had to do an evaluation on my heart. I needed to know the real reason why I produce content or hangout on social media.

I had to first check to see if my ego was overpowering my heart. I have been creating social media content for almost nine years now. When I started I was one of few people in the video content space in my genre and was picking up momentum. Unfortunately, I had to depart from that to care for some critically important matters. When I returned to social media, people were blowing up left and right. I would see people doing Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, and Snapchat (which I still don’t do). I was thinking about how much of an impact I would have had, if these tools were available when I first began putting content on social media. The biggest kicker is that when I returned there was a hashtag that I feel I was responsible for making popular 8 years ago and there are very few people in the media world (social and otherwise) who don’t use it.

With all of that in front of me, I had to ask, “Am I trying to prove that I can be as widely accepted in these spaces as others? Do I have something that I am trying to prove to myself or anyone else? If so, what difference would it make?”

The next thing I had to check was whether or not fame-thirst was overtaking my heart. People are born with a desire to be great until either they are humbled or someone suffocates their flame for greatness. Greatness is (or should be) an opportunity to allow Christ to shine and get the glory out of our lives. Fame on the other hand is something altogether different.

Fame brings you into a place of self-lauding and self-aggrandizing that people gravitate to because they are attracted to the dark-shine of it. The eye is fascinated by black shine or iridescence. It illuminates and accentuates to the extent that we are drawn to the beauty of what it adorns while ignoring the flaws within it.

black leather

That is the same with fame. It opens doors and has perks beyond what the imagination can fathom. However, it hides detrimental flaws so well that the person absorbing the fame doesn’t even realize that those very flaws are about to impale them in their gut.

I had to ask, “Are there issues and flaws in your life that you are trying to hide while presenting yourself as this phenomenal being with answers to fix everyone else? Are you desiring doors and stages to be celebrated in and upon to make you feel better about those very flaws you may be looking to hide? If so, what would be the end result?”

The final thing I had to evaluate was whether or not posting on social media was even part of my purpose. If I am truly not being egotistical, if I am truthfully not trying to make a name for myself, do I even belong in this space? Though I didn’t have an answer yet, this question led to countless others that I needed to answer. The most important being, “Why were you created, Kaderick?”

If we try to operate in anything other than what we were created for, God is not in it. Regardless to how much people celebrate us or how much pleasure we get out of it, God only meets us in the place of our purpose. If we are not operating in the place where God meets us, it is inevitable that we will encounter the self-propagating antithesis of God: Satan.

Remember the earlier illustration of dark iridescence? Satan is the master of it. He is an illusionist, who would love nothing more than to lure the believer of Jesus Christ into a playground of seeming success, only to snare him or her into a world of deception. His greatest tactic is to bring the believer to a major platform with such thrust and impact that they forget about the vulnerabilities, open wounds and unresolved issues in their heart; only to later expose them as a broken and degenerate fraud. All of this in an effort to break the hearts of strong believers, confuse new believers and deter non-believers.

I had to ask myself, “Are you being drawn into something that would celebrate you but stir up your iniquity? Are you operating in an illusion of effectiveness, or are you really being effective?” And lastly, “Is God meeting you in this space?”

My conclusion to ALL of the questions above was so shocking and overwhelming to the extent that I could look behind me and see that social media took more from me than it gave to me. Albeit, most of what it took, I willingly gave. However, when I gave it, it was due to the fact, that God wasn’t in this space with me, so my will was not spiritually engaged to remain steadfast in those things that were needful.

Thus, from this point forward I will no longer operate in this space, because I only desire to be where God is able to meet me. Now, this is not to imply that other believers shouldn’t. It’s just that for me…I am not created to be here. My purpose is not here, because my God is not meeting me here. It’s been fun, enlightening and exciting, but ineffectual in adding real value to my life.

So, this is Helen Jones’s 2nd Son saying, Life Is Too Short To Play Games, So Keep It Real. Two Fingers To The North…I’m Out! 💣💥

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School Of Rock: A Lesson On Rejection

Ok it’s 1:24 a.m. CST on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, and if you know me, you know I am normally well into my uninterrupted REM sleep by now. So this was inspired by an unwise decision to have coffee with my dessert at my hotel at 7:24 p.m., a conversation of ministry I had with one of my spiritual daughters, and a commitment to embody my brand (PKJONDEMAND) during a training workshop on Tuesday afternoon. All things work together, right?


Since my text to her was the last thing I remembered before closing my eyes for a 2 hour interlude, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when my eyes pop open. After an hour and a half of tossing and hoping to go back to sleep, God begins to expound on the insight he had me to share with her. So, rather than turn on the tv or scroll down my social media timelines judging people in my heart for some of the stuff they post (don’t judge me, you do it too 😁), I decided to blog on the site that I paid money to own a URL with my brand on it (PKJONDEMAND) but hadn’t used since May. So here goes…


After being alive for forty years, being in ministry for almost 20 years, being an adult for three years (real talk) and being a Pastor for 11 years, I’ve run into this scenario more times than I would like to admit. The child, spouse, friend, employee, sibling or ministry partner who is generally the rejected, ostracized and outcast on the team is usually the one that the leader of that unit will need the most during a state of demise. Now, here is where most biblically astute individuals would plug in the metaphor of Joseph to make this lesson come alive. However, the mocha ghost and the Holy Ghost, have given me the new perspective that Joseph was just a cheap prototype of the ultimate Instructor of Rejection 101: Jesus Christ.

The scriptures clearly illustrate Christ as a baby who was thrown out with the proverbial bath water. Isaiah 53:3 calls Him despised and rejected and several places in the scripture, beginning with Psalms 118:22, He is spoken of as the stone that the builders rejected. The interesting thing about the “rejected stone” thingy is that even though it was rejected it became the cornerstone of the foundation.

Okay, I betcha you are just as confused as I was about this cornerstone concept, because in my mind I heard crickets and saw you with the “deer in the headlights” expression as you just read that last sentence.


So, since I finally learned what this concept was in my adult years (remember I’ve only been grown for three years now), I will try to explain it to you as best I can.

When a builder begins to build a structure the must have a foundation to build on. Now, an experienced builder knows that to make sure that everything is lined up right from the foundation to the highest point of the building, they cannot focus on the finished structure; they can’t even start with the full foundation, they have to start by focusing all of their attention on one corner of the foundation. Every other part of that structure must be aligned with that one corner, otherwise (in my New England accent), you’s gotta problem bowse. Now in the throwback days, in order to make sure the first corner of the foundation was perfect, and the rest of the building thereafter was perfect, the builders would use a precisely cut cornerstone to line up every other stone of that foundation. That one stone kept the whole structure solid and capable of withstanding all kinds of pressure: one stone I tell ya!

Jesus Christ is the one Stone that is the foundation of all life and relationship. The bible says that He as the architect came to those who were called to build life and relationship upon Him, but they didn’t receive Him (John 1:10-11). But when we go to Acts 4:11 we see Peter (The Little Rock), who once denied Jesus himself, quoting Psalms 118:22 and declaring that though Jesus was rejected by those who were to build the structure of life and relationship, He has now become the Cornerstone (Chief Rocka) of the foundation. This indicates that all attempts to build apart from Him will fail and the builders will have to reach back to get Him and build all over again with Him as the MAIN STONE IN THE CORNER.

Sly tried to build a Family with another Stone, that’s why he had to keep being his self AGAIN.


Roc Nation tried to build an entertainment empire, but to keep it going Jay-Z has to keep coming out of retirement.


Dwayne Johnson was once the archetype of modern day professional wrestling, and though some women still find him hot, that Rock ain’t cooking too much here lately.


But Christ (if you hadn’t figured it out by now, I’m preaching) started a family that is perfected once and for all (Hebrews 10:14). Christ established a corporate expression and retired once and doesn’t need to keep making a comeback to keep his company on top (Hebrews 10:12-13). Christ was the archetype of modern day warfare who was not just a flash in the pan, but he keeps cooking up something fresh all the time (I Corinthians 2:7-10).

So, if you were the outcast, the rejected one, the ridiculed and ostracized one who is now the one that your supervisor needs in order to keep them out of trouble, that your broke ex needs to borrow money from to keep their lights on, that your sick parent needs to care for them in their latter years, that your crazy siblings need to help them in their time of need, that your ratchet/backstabbing friends need to be their support once everyone else has left the scene, or your messed up ministry colleagues need to get a prayer through on their behalf, you are in great company. I Peter 2:5 (Voice Translation) says,

“5 Like living stones, let yourselves be assembled into a spiritual house, a holy order of priests who offer up spiritual sacrifices that will be acceptable to God through Jesus, the Liberating King. 6 For it says in the words of the prophet Isaiah,
See here—I am laying in Zion a stone,
a cornerstone, chosen and precious;
Whoever depends upon Him will never be disgraced.”

But in order to be an effective rock, you have to get the pebble off of your shoulder that you picked up because of the rejection. If you are going to be like the Chief Rocker, you will have to learn how to Rock Out like He did. How did Christ Rock Out? He said,

“Hey Pops, you know what? They rejected me; true. But after observing the way they behave, I’ve come to the occlusion that they are just too ignorant to understand what they’re doing. So, I’m gonna put my Big Boy Draws on and take this one for the team. It’s cool, Pops. Let’s forgive them” (Luke 22:34 PKJ Version)

If you can do this, oh the great reward that awaits you is literally mind-blowing. As Paul the Apostle said in Philippians 2:5-11 (Message Translation)

Think of yourselves the way Christ Jesus thought of himself. He had equal status with God but didn’t think so much of himself that he had to cling to the advantages of that status no matter what. Not at all. When the time came, he set aside the privileges of deity and took on the status of a slave, became human ! Having become human, he stayed human. It was an incredibly humbling process. He didn’t claim special privileges. Instead, he lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a selfless, obedient death—and the worst kind of death at that—a crucifixion. Because of that obedience, God lifted him high and honored him far beyond anyone or anything, ever, so that all created beings in heaven and on earth—even those long ago dead and buried—will bow in worship before this Jesus Christ, and call out in praise that he is the Master of all, to the glorious honor of God the Father.

As they say on HGTV & DIY “I Want That” and I believe you do too. So, let’s acknowledge the rejection, embrace the pain and privilege of it, then process the forgiveness that’s necessary so that we can shine bright like the real Hope Diamond, THE ICY ROCK, The Lord Christ Jesus!


Well, the coffee is wearing off. So, This is Helen Jones’ 2nd Son saying, “LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO PLAY GAMES, SO KEEP IT REAL!” Two Fingers To The North ✌️We’re Outta Here!


GOE (God Over Everything)


As I explore and investigate the news reports referring to Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and the reversal of his position on gay marriage, my heart is troubled. Before I go further to explain my consternation, I must first quantify that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus where party lines are non-existent. I simply express morality as it is lined out in scripture. I am not a politician nor am I a theologian. I am simply a prophet of God called to speak truth to power. Because of that call, I must with great boldness and humility express the heart of God as He expresses it to humanity, because how can it be heard without a preacher to proclaim it (Romans 10:14c; Acts 8:30-31).

Some may ask, why the urgency to address this issue and not all of the other scandalous and detrimental issues that plague our society as of late? My response is that I am not driven by impulses, I write as I am led by the Spirit. I have seen the report of Senator Portman’s announcement circulating in broadcast and digital media all throughout the weekend, but during a conversation with a colleague the Spirit of God immediately impressed upon me to deal with this issue through writing. The more I’ve researched the issue, the stronger the Holy Spirit’s leading became.

Here are the details in a small snippet. Senator Rob Portman, who has operated as a staunch conservative in both speech and ballot, publicly announced that he now supports gay marriage. This announcement comes after a record of supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage while in Congress, voting for the Defense of Marriage Act and voting for a bill prohibiting gay couples in Washington from adopting. Why such a sharp turn around? Why such a dynamic reversal of morals? Because Portman discovered that his son, Will Portman, is gay. But he has known of his son’s sexual preference for two years now. Why make such a bold announcement now? Only heaven (and some aspects of hell) knows.

As I behold this moral theater, I can’t help but wonder how often we regard relationships over moral responsibility. Moreover, I wonder how often we regard our personal human relationships over our relationship with the Eternal Lord of both heaven and earth. The scripture is ripe with examples of people in authority who regarded humanity over their leadership responsibility and their godly accountability.

We can begin with Adam who regarded the relationship with his wife over his relationship with his Lord and Creator. In the presence of the Lord God he cowered and blamed the woman for his failure, but God refused to let him off the hook. Furthermore, it was his failure, not his wife’s, that sent the entire creation into turmoil and sentenced all humanity to the death penalty (Romans 5:12; Romans 8:20).

We can also see the repercussions of choosing personal relationship over moral responsibility in the life of Abraham. Abraham buckled under pressure from his wife as Adam did his. He did it for a seemingly “good” purpose, but at the heart of the matter Abraham was concerned about how he would look to the world around him due to the seeming hopelessness that engrossed his home  (Genesis 15:2-3). In the end, the relationship Abraham chose to protect became embittered by his inconsistent stance. Abraham did turn and make the right choice 13 years later, but he consequently catapulted the fruit of his wrong choice and the fruit of his repentance into a 4000 year cycle of strife that remains even up until this day (Galatians 4:29).

If time permitted, I would write about Saul, David, Samson, Solomon, Samuel, Eli and many others, and I am sure that they would be enough to lay out an entire course of study on moral responsibility to inspire us and bring us hope (Romans 15:4). However, the intent of this writing is not to encourage; rather it is to provoke us to good works (Hebrews 10:24). Therefore, I will give one further example that would relate to Senator Portman’s choice in somewhat the adverse.

In Leviticus 10:1-7 we find that God has called Moses, Aaron and Aaron’s four sons into the Tent of Meeting to minister before Him. As they are approaching the presence of the Lord God, two of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, begin to offer “strange fire” unto the Lord. The scripture says that fire proceeded from the presence of God and devoured the two sons. In other words, it literally charred them. The response of Moses to God’s reaction is an example of the resolute conviction that we as believers should have when it comes to God’s standard of righteousness.

When Moses, sees his nephews lying charred and lifeless on the Tabernacle floor, without blinking an eye he turns and takes on the role of funeral director.  He appoints his first cousins as pall bearers to carry the bodies of Nadab and Abihu out of the Tabernacle. He then immediately turns and commands Aaron and his other two sons to stay in the position of ministering to God because He had already established what He considered to be righteousness, yet Nadab and Abihu established their own righteousness. He further told them that if they should turn from the position of worship to the position of wailing over unrighteousness, they too would be consumed by death. In Leviticus 10:3 we find Aaron, the High Priest’s, response to the death of his sons by the fire of God, along with Moses subsequent exhortation. It says that “Aaron held his peace”.

There are two indictments in the Portman scenario. The first indictment is against Rob Portman himself because he worshipped (honored) the creature more than the Creator (Romans 1:25). Because of this wayward judgment Rob Portman will have to stand before the Lord of creation and receive the judgment of his decision for taking pleasure in his son (Romans 1:32), rather than in doing what was right for the sake of righteousness. If Rob Portman felt that he was incapable of using his influence to uphold the morality of his conscience (Romans 2:15), he should have done one of two things: relinquish his post as a U.S. Senator or did like Aaron and just held his peace.

The second indictment is against those who influenced or should have influenced Rob Portman. Our society seems to be void of the Moses’s who will counsel people to be resilient in their stance for morality, regardless to how close to home the immorality hits. Moses could provoke Aaron to remain steadfast because he’d already refused to allow his sons to escape the cost of righteousness even at the risk of his wife walking out (Exodus 4:25-26). The authority with which Moses approached Aaron saved his life. It is totally unlike a Dick Cheney who had no such authority because of his own familial issues. He simply subjected Portman to the counsel of his own heart.

The tragedy is that Portman could not only have to deal with God’s judgment for his lack of resiliency; he could potentially have to answer for the waywardness of an entire nation should the Supreme Court be influenced by his flip-flopping on the issue of gay marriage. But I dare say that not only will he have to answer for this ill-used influence. Joining him in similar judgment will be former Vice President Dick Cheney, President Barack Obama, and (wait for it…) every preacher in America who used their influence to rescue President Barack Obama’s political career after his announcement of support for the issue of gay marriage. I will say that after that announcement, it would have served many preachers better to simply respond like Aaron in Leviticus 10:3 and “held their peace”, particularly those with great influence.

If we as the body of Christ and the called out Kingdom inhabitants would learn to disregard familiar connections in order to uphold God’s standard of righteousness, then God can be God and release a momentary flash of wrath. Why should we allow this “flash of wrath” to occur? Because it will produce the results found in Leviticus 10:6-7. It will restrain God’s wrath from the masses, release a major revival and refocus those who are called to minister before the Lord. We often cry out for revival in this nation, but are we willing to be resolute in our convictions enough to see the revival that we are expecting? Are we willing to depart from that in which we are emotionally vested in order to lay hold of true spiritual awakening? Will we leave a legacy of passive leadership or fortified front liners? We must make the decision to place God Over Everything and reap the rewards, or Everything Over God and reap the judgment!

Isaiah 1:19

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.