Team Building $600- 3 Hour Session for up to 10 people


TeamAn organization is only as effective as the teams that function within it. While the mission, vision, purpose and goals of an organization are the four cornerstones of identity, the pillars that causes an  organization to build successfully are the people serving on the teams. If these pillars are not properly aligned to provide the greatest support, chances of an organization surviving during times of crisis are extremely low. I use a crisis management model for building teams, because it is in times of crisis where the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a team becomes most apparent.

Crisis exposes vulnerabilities, strengths, liabilities and assets. I teach teams how to harness their strengths and manage their assets in order to protect their vulnerabilities and minimize their liabilities. If an organization can be honest about the latter, it can develop a plan to insure itself against high risk times, as well as gain insight on how to best align the people within team structures to maximize its success during times of low risk.